Airtec Snorkel Kit Black Polyethylene

SKU 011SAT0121P


Give your vehicle a breath of fresh air with a TJM Airtec snorkel. This snorkel kit suits Ford Courier 01/1999 – 11/2002 turbo diesel vehicles. They’re proudly designed, engineered and moulded in Australia from high grade UV-resistant (UV20 – UV24) polyethylene for maximum strength and rigidity. A simple installation process requires minimal modifications to your vehicle’s original components. It takes a lot to stand out from the pack, but TJM Airtec snorkels do just that, even winning ‘Best Aftermarket Product Award under $700’ in one edition of the 4×4 Australia Magazine.


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 0.17 × 1.36 × 0.5 cm