Airtec Snorkel Kit Black Polyethylene

SKU 011SAT0186A


TJM Airtec snorkels are well sealed with an air box well above water level, to enable water crossings and all round improved air flow for your engine. This snorkel kit suits Toyota Hilux 1988 – 1997 2.4 L petrol vehicles. They are proudly designed, engineered and moulded in Australia from high grade UV-resistant (UV20 UV24) polyethylene for maximum strength and rigidity. A simple installation process requires minimal modifications to your vehicles original components. It takes a lot to stand out from the pack, but TJM Airtec snorkels do just that, even winning “Best Aftermarket Product Award under $700” in 4×4 Australia Magazine.


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 0.31 × 1.08 × 0.21 cm


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