XGS Coil Springs Rear Raised 100kg Pair

SKU 770RR80B


TJM coil springs are made in Australia from the finest quality high-stress spring steel. This TJM XGS spring coil rear pair suits Toyota Landcruiser 80 / 100 Series vehicles. TJM XGS linear (or constant rate) coils provide a consistent spring rate in all situations. This coil spring design is suited to most 4WD vehicles to increase ride height, support high load bearing accessory (LBA) weight and improve stability. Ideal for vehicles with upgrades like steel bull bars and winch combinations. Your original factory springs will often be subject to fatigue and reduced performance when subject to additional LBA weight or use in extreme environments.


Weight 12.87 kg
Dimensions 0.18 × 0.36 × 0.45 cm


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