XGS Coil Springs Rear Raised 200kg Pair



Each TJM coil spring is made to our exact specifications. Designed and tested by local engineers our range incorporates a host of unique design features to suit your vehicle. TJM XGS progressive coils provide a smooth and comfortable ride with a low initial spring rate that progresses to a higher spring rate. Progressive coils improve stability, support low load bearing accessory (LBA) weight and enhance load carrying ability when your vehicle is loaded. Designed to increase the spring rate as the load increases, there is less tendency to bottom out, which goes a long way towards making your ride more comfort. Perfect for vehicles that only carry weight from time to time. Our coil springs are manufactured on computer-controlled coiling machines, scragged before and after shot peening, load-tested and finished with a durable powdercoat finish.


Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 0.39 × 0.2 × 0.51 cm