Clearview Towing Mirrors Electric w/ Indicators Chrome



A clever design incorporates two different surfaces that provide different but important visuals. The top mirror has a flat surface that can reflect vision directly down the sides of your caravan, while the bottom smaller convex mirror eliminates blind spots by allowing you enormous vision out to the lanes beside your vehicle. Easy adjustment will allow you to quickly switch the mirror to possible areas of concern, like tyres, wheels or undercarriage of your caravan. Clearview Towing Mirrors are supplied with plug and play wiring for easy installation when replacing side mirrors with identical existing features. This means the features listed below will only operate as described if the feature existed in your standard side mirrors prior to being replaced with Clearview Towing Mirrors.

  • Toyota Fortuner 10/15-08/20
  • Toyota Hilux 08/18-07/20
  • Toyota Hilux 09/2015 – 06/2018